Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Jan 13th Meeting Cancelled (will move to Jan 27th)

Dear Monica,

Our meeting tonight on Jan 13th has been cancelled due to the snow. School is closed today for my kids so it is best we cancel for tonight.

I know it got a little confusing as my auto email reminders went out before I could change everything. The meeting for Jan 13th has been MOVED to Jan 27th. This is because it is our holiday party meeting and there are payments involved so it is easier to change the meeting date than to start all over again. If you RSVP'd to the Jan 13th meeting and cannot attend the Jan 27th meeting, please let me know. I will refund anyone who paid.

The original event for Jan 27th has been archived but you might have received an email to RSVP that now no longer works. This is why.

I will also send a text message to all our registered members *IF* a cell phone number was provided. This is one of the reasons why it is important for everyone to have a free membership and keep your profile on our website updated.

Stay safe out there!

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