Saturday, May 7, 2022

BIG CHANGES - Memberships, Spotlight Tables & Prize Draw


We have some exciting changes being made right now! Please make sure to read this email all the way to the end and let me know if you have any questions. 


We now will have only 1 Spotlight Table available per meeting starting on the May 9th meeting. Spotlight Tables will have 15 minutes to present about your business, how you got started and/or your passion. You will have a 6 foot table to set up a display of your products and/or services. Price has increased from $20 to $27 and this is a limited introductory offer. The price will probably go up in a few months but it depends on how often and quickly they sell out.


We will continue to do this on a quarterly basis. Instead of just a cash prize option, the winner will have a choice of one of the following. Once a prize has been selected, it cannot be selected again until the remaining options are exhausted. 

  • FREE Cash Prize (about $50 value)
  • FREE Spotlight Table ($27 value)
  • FREE Featured Membership ($55 value)
  • FREE Paid Membership ($35 value)


This is going to be rolled out very soon. The membership dues will be increasing and we will have some new membership levels as well. This is more of a heads up announcement so please don't do any of the changes now. I will send out another email once everything is done and ready for people to upgrade. 

All levels (except the free one) are changing and I will disable auto renewals for all the old membership levels. You are welcome to wait until your membership is coming up for renewal. However, what I would LOVE is if you can update your membership to the appropriate level that works for you sooner rather than later. I need you to do this EVEN IF IT IS BASICALLY THE SAME LEVEL YOU WERE AT BEFORE.

The system that I use isn't as smart as I want it to be so I have to do it this way to make it work. Normally, you can't change your membership until a month before your renewal date. I am going to remove this limit so you can update your level sooner than that. There is no way to prorate the membership so what I will do INSTEAD is push out your renewal date for a year plus whatever the number of months left on your current membership. I will also give you an extra TWO MONTHS as a thank you for updating. See the example below the new membership descriptions. 

There will still be a FREE MEMBERSHIP which is assigned after someone attends our meeting for the first time. Free Members get invites to our meetings and other events. They also have to manually renew their membership (log into your account and click a few buttons) every 6 months. They can do this as many times as they want for now. Eventually, people will not renew and then they are removed from the database. 

The PAID MEMBERSHIP will have a new name! It will now be called the BRONZE MEMBERSHIP and the new cost is $39 per year. This is only a $4 increase since 2018 which was a year after I first implemented dues. The perks remain the same at this level which is access to the Spotlight Tables, listed in our membership directory, and a discount on a travel consultation fee. 

The FEATURED MEMBERSHIP level will now be the SILVER MEMBERSHIP! Again, all the perks remain the same which are the same as the Bronze level PLUS you get to publish a web page on our website. It remains on our website until you decide not to stay at this membership level. It serves as your digital business card and we use it when we refer people to your business. This level will now cost $59 per year

NEW LEVEL! If you want to eliminate your per meeting fee of $5, this is the level for you! It is called the GOLD MEMBERSHIP and it has all the perks of the previous levels but this one INCLUDES all the meeting fees for the year. I calculated that we have about 22 meetings per year which equals $121 for the year in meeting fees. If you attend at least 66% of the meetings over the year, you will save money with this membership level! Plus, our organization will save on credit card processing fees as well. This membership level will only be $119 per year

NEW LEVEL! If you want to eliminate your per meeting fee of $5 AND you want to be a Featured Member, this is the level for you! It is called the PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP and will cost just $139 per year

I will also revamp my admin membership levels and costs as well but they have already been informed of these changes. 

EXAMPLE: You are currently a Paid Member. Your renewal date is March 10, 2023. You want to stay at the same level with the same perks as before. You will log into your account and follow the steps for changing your membership level. You will select the Bronze Membership and pay the membership fee. This should automatically set your renewal date to 1 year from the date you pay. Let's say you updated it on June 1, 2022 so your new renewal date will be June 1, 2023. This leaves 9 months extra that was already paid for. I will add two more months to this so your new renewal date will be May 10, 2024.

Trust me, it is a good deal. :) Let me know if you have any questions about anything!


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Last two tables at our Fundraiser on Mar 19 now open to non-members!


We have two tables open for our Fundraiser event on March 19th. Tables are now available to non-members for $45 a table. Paid members are still $35 a table. 

If you are already registered to attend as a guest, you will need to cancel your registration and sign up for a table instead. 

I have updated the list of vendors on the event registration page but please let me know if the business you will be showcasing is different than what I have listed. 



Monday, January 31, 2022

Spring Stop & Shop Fundraiser - Vendor Tables Available to Paid Members


Registration is now open to our paid members for the Spring Fundraiser on March 19th. Previously, our Featured Members had access to sign up and that time period is now over. As long as you are current on your dues, you should be able to sign up for a table. If you have registered as a guest, you will need to cancel your RSVP and then it will allow you to sign up for a table. 

We have 4 tables sold so far out of 12! Thank you to these people who signed up so far!

  • Kathy Miller - Kathy Miller Art
  • Heather Pybas - Usborne Books & More
  • Eileen Paul - Pampered Chef

Let's fill those tables and then start inviting people! 


Monday, January 24, 2022

New Text Msgs & Are You Coming Tonight?


I am transitioning Virtual Assistants again so my tasks are getting far behind again. This should improve soon!

The application I was using to send text message reminders wants me to upgrade to a monthly plan which I don't want to do and I no longer have access to any of the messages or credits I had with them. I am trying a new service which means you will see a new phone number for our text message reminders. My apologies if you have opted out of this service previously! Let me know your feedback on this new service. 

I would like to invite you to our first official meeting of the year! Last meeting was our holiday party which was lots of fun but not really a "meeting". ;) 

Cost is $5 and free for first time guests. Just have a member RSVP for you!

Jan 24 @ 6:30pm at Inspark Coworking in Lynnwood

See you soon!


Friday, January 21, 2022

Spring 2022 Stop & Shop Vendor Info


Heart to Heart Networking is excited to announce our first vendor event in several years. Our last event was Nov 2019! The date for this year's event is Saturday March 19, 2022 and more details are below. 

We are excited to partner with Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County for this fundraising shopping event. Part of the event cost will be donated and we will have a list of items DVS needs for vendors and guests to bring to the event. Typically, it is items needed for the shelters like personal grooming items, towels, bed linens, socks, underwear, etc. We will share a list as we get closer to our event date.

As a vendor, it is up to you if you want to donate a portion of your sales to DVS. Vendors will be asked to invite their clients and friends to this event. RSVPs are not required for attendees but it is helpful so we can plan how much food/drinks to provide.

Vendor tables will only be open to paid members! Our Featured Members will have access to purchase a table at least 1 week before the other Paid Members. Free Members will not have access to participate as a vendor. Please upgrade your membership if you wish to participate. 

There are two tables that have a much larger space so they cost more than the other tables. They are high tables and cannot be moved so you can only stand next to these spots. You can use one of the tall chairs to sit next to these tables. 

  • Large/tall table size is approximately 8 feet by 4 feet - COST $60 (2 available)
  • All other tables are about 4 feet by 2 feet - COST $35 (10 available)

For more information and to sign up for a table, please visit our event page which will also be used to invite our guests to this event once the vendors are signed up.