Wednesday, November 28, 2018

December Monthly Newsletter - IMPORTANT CHANGES!!

Heart to Heart Meeting Reminders for the month of December


For December 2018
Hi Monica, 

I need to send this out a little early because I will be on my way to Tahiti in a few days. I will not be at our next meeting on Dec 10th but Kim and Heather will be running the meeting. You ladies are the best! 
There are some big changes going on right now. Some of you already read about them on our Facebook Group or heard about it at our last meeting. Most of the changes will be good in the long run but it means there is lots going on. Bottom line is ... I have to stop losing money on this group or it will cease to exist. I don't make a lot of money from this group but I have to make some money to make it worth the effort I put into it.
Right now, the loss of money is mostly due to the fact that not enough people are paying the membership dues. Membership dues is down by about $400 compared to last year and this is about the amount of money I am losing. Also, the website costs more money than I had budgeted but I have money in reserve to cover this so I am less worried about that cost. The increase in dues last June should cover the cost of most of the website. However, both of these items have instigated changes that I need to make with our group.
I am not increasing the cost of dues until a year has past since the last increase. I get about 60% of the dues payments in March/April so I haven't seen a huge benefit since I increased the dues in June of last year. 
Please keep reading for more details of the changes below. I even have some new perks available with our website too! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

November Monthly Newsletter

Heart to Heart Meeting Reminders for the month of November


For November 2018
Hi Monica, 

October was a busy month as I was traveling to Italy and I also had our annual travel conference as well. I only had to travel to Kirkland for that conference which is nice for a change. I am home for a little while and then I am off to Tahiti in early December! I am really excited for this one even though my schedule is CRAZY full as it will complete my Tahiti Specialist Certification. If you are jealous of my travel, don't be! Take a look at my full schedule and note that during my 7-night stay I will be touring 14 different hotels and staying in 6 different hotels. I am exhausted just thinking about it!
Also, I just got home from the 4th Annual Inspired Wisely Women's Award Ceremony so I want to congratulate Stephanie Larsen for being selected as Heart to Heart's Most Inspiring Woman of 2018! It was a huge honor to present her the award. She now stands among Kathy Miller and Kim Pelham for being stand out women in our organization. You all had some great nominations this year and I have the pleasure of selecting who YOU think deserves to win. 
Anywhere But Here Travel discontinued the Las Vegas trip drawing at the end of October. I will be selecting a winner shortly and sending it in for approval. I also have posted a new perk for our group which will be outlined below. Check it out! 
Don't forget that we still have a meeting on Monday Nov 12th even though it is Veteran's Day. We have regular meetings on Nov 26th and Dec 10th but no meeting on Dec 24th for obvious reasons. Our holiday party will be held on Monday Jan 14th so make sure to get ready for our White Elephant Gift Exchange!