Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July Monthly Newsletter

Heart to Heart Meeting Reminders for the month of July


For July 2019
Hi Monica, 

Hey, guess what? Am I really sending out a newsletter just one month after the last one? Good news from me! Since I am on vacation almost the whole month of August, this may be the last one until September. ;) 
I hate to keep harping on this subject but I will keep talking about it until I am blue in the face. RSVP. Please. We have 5-6 events per year (bunco anniversary, speakers, holiday party) that it super duper matters. I have now instituted a policy that there will be a $5 charge if you show up without RSVP'ing at those 5-6 special events. If you aren't a paying member, it will cost $5 to attend these special events. 
However, it is still quite important that you RSVP to EVERY. SINGLE. MEETING. Why? For an example, we had 8 people who attended our last meeting without RSVP'ing. We ran out of food. It just takes a lot longer to get everyone fed as the kitchen has to prepare more chicken. 
I also need your help this week as I have an event about Japan on Thursday July 11th at 6:30pm at InSpark in Lynnwood. We have free food and beverages and my presenter is flying in from Colorado. I want to make sure there are people there! Please reply to this email if you can come or register online as I am ordering food today and I need to know how much to order. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

June Monthly Newsletter

Heart to Heart Meeting Reminders for the month of April


For June 2019
Hi Monica, 

It seems I can only send these out every few months. I will try to be better but no promises. You will just have to keep coming to our meetings to stay in touch with what we are doing. ;)
If you missed my update from last month on our Facebook Group, here you go...
I also wanted to give an update since we were a little light on attendance at the last meeting. I just have to say that 2018 was a bad year financially. Meetup screwed up and I went for about 6 months without income from dues and then when I got the website, it was double what I had budgeted. So yeah, that sucked. Right now, I am good but I can only hope it will carry me through the end of the year. If you haven't paid your dues or let it lapse or whatever... please pay as it is critical for me to keep the group going. No dues increase until the end of the year when I will re-evaluated again.
I did take another look ahead for the year and things look OK but I am still a little concerned. I have decided to eliminate Meetup entirely by Dec 1, 2019 as my next payment goes through a few days later. Meetup is now charging tax so it is a $200/year expense that we no longer utilize. It doesn't make sense keeping it. 
Finally, I made a few changes to the meetings where we have speakers, holiday party and the anniversary party. See below for more info!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April Monthly Newsletter

Heart to Heart Meeting Reminders for the month of April


For April 2019
Hi Monica, 

Well, I am getting ready to head out for a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico in a few days so I wanted to make sure I get this email out. I will not be at the next meeting but Heather has offered to run the meeting for me!
We had a lot of new people come to our last meeting so welcome! I forgot to mention that we assign a free membership to everyone who attends a meeting. You have to manually renew it every 6-months by logging into your account on our website. Of course, we encourage you to upgrade the free membership to a paid one so you can access all the wonderful perks we have to offer. 
Also, this is the time of year when a lot of people's memberships are renewing. Most of you are on automatic renewals so please check to make sure your credit card on file is still valid. Please log into your account on the website and update it if necessary. Or use the Wild Apricot Member app! (see below for download details)
Finally, this is a critical time for our group because about 65% of our members are renewing their memberships in April and May. If I get enough people to renew or join, then I will NOT have to increase the membership dues in June. Unfortunately, Wild Apricot is increasing my website costs again this year BUT it only takes 3 new members at the $35/yr level or 2 members at the $55/yr level to compensate for it. PLEASE consider joining/upgrading/etc. if you have found value in this networking group. 
REMINDER: I know there have been a lot of changes this year with our group so please continue to read to get updated on what they all are. The main point I need to make is that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to RSVP on our website as we are no longer monitoring Meetup and we only share the event on Facebook to get greater visibility and to make it easier to share & invite friends. If you are NOT RSVP'ing on our website, then I don't know you are coming to our meetings. 
I almost cancelled the meeting on Feb 25th because I had only 7 people RSVP the night before. We ended up having 20 people attend so it all worked out. However, I should not have to send out half a dozen messages to get people to tell me if they are attending or not. You cannot assume that there will be a meeting if you don't RSVP. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

CANCELLED: Mon Feb 11th Meeting Due to Weather

Dear Monica,

I just got a message that school has been cancelled for Monday. I live in Bothell and it has started to snow again. They are not predicting that this snow will be that much but it is the one on Monday afternoon that has me more concerned.

I would rather have everyone home safe and sound just in case it snows again or the roads freeze over. Our meeting on Monday Feb 11th is CANCELLED.

I will refund or reschedule our spotlight tables. Please join us for the next one on Feb 25th and let's hope the weather cooperates with us!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

December Monthly Newsletter - IMPORTANT CHANGES!!

Heart to Heart Meeting Reminders for the month of December


For December 2018
Hi Monica, 

I need to send this out a little early because I will be on my way to Tahiti in a few days. I will not be at our next meeting on Dec 10th but Kim and Heather will be running the meeting. You ladies are the best! 
There are some big changes going on right now. Some of you already read about them on our Facebook Group or heard about it at our last meeting. Most of the changes will be good in the long run but it means there is lots going on. Bottom line is ... I have to stop losing money on this group or it will cease to exist. I don't make a lot of money from this group but I have to make some money to make it worth the effort I put into it.
Right now, the loss of money is mostly due to the fact that not enough people are paying the membership dues. Membership dues is down by about $400 compared to last year and this is about the amount of money I am losing. Also, the website costs more money than I had budgeted but I have money in reserve to cover this so I am less worried about that cost. The increase in dues last June should cover the cost of most of the website. However, both of these items have instigated changes that I need to make with our group.
I am not increasing the cost of dues until a year has past since the last increase. I get about 60% of the dues payments in March/April so I haven't seen a huge benefit since I increased the dues in June of last year. 
Please keep reading for more details of the changes below. I even have some new perks available with our website too! If you have any questions, please let me know!